Sudd on SVT2 at 21:45 tonight!

Tonight, Monday 11/6 at 21:45 the short film “Sudd/Out of Erasers” (15 min, 2011)  screens on SVT2. 
All sound design, recording and mix by me.
It was shot in Karlstad, Sweden. Written and directed by the Palme d’Or nominated animator Erik Rosenlund. After several animated short films, this is his first live action film. 
The film has enjoyed a lot of success since it’s premiere a year ago, it has screened at 160 film festivals, and won close to 30 prizes.  
Plot: On her way home, a woman becomes infected by a mysterious disease that causes her to begin to turn. She soon realizes that she is not only victim but part of an epidemic where the city itself is affected. She must now search for a cure while the world around her crumbles.

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